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The Side Effects of PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy)

The Side Effects of PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy)

Here at Maida Custom Vision in Jacksonville, patients can receive the latest in advanced laser vision correction. This means state-of-the-art refractive surgery, such as PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), an effective alternative to LASIK.

Many patients have asked us about the side effects of PRK, which are similar to those of LASIK. Let’s cover these matters in brief right now.

Eye Irritation and Discomfort

One of the most common side effects of any eye surgery is irritation and discomfort of the eyes. This is to be expected given how the PRK procedure is performed. These side effects will typically last for a few days, and they can be managed by getting ample rest and by taking pain relievers as recommended by your surgeon.

Issues with Dry Eye and Eye Moisture

Another common side effect after refractive procedures is dry eye. This occurs because the nerves of the cornea are affected by the surgical process, resulting in reduced moisture production in the tear ducts. These matters will typically last for a few weeks to a few months.

In order to address issues with dry eye after PRK, patients are asked to carry liquid tears with them at all times. This will allow patients to keep their eyes moist whenever a case of dry eye occurs, in addition, patients will often be asked to avoid dry, dusty, smoky, or pollen-filled environments since these places are known to cause attacks of dry eye.

Sensitivity to Bright Lights

As your eyes heal, you will often experience major issues with light sensitivity, particularly sunlight and bright artificial lights. These matters will resolve themselves as the eyes heal and adjust to the change in corneal contour. In the first few days after PRK, however, bright lights can be especially uncomfortable.

Patients are asked to wear sunglasses and a hat with a brim in order to address issues with acute light sensitivity and to protect their eyes from sun damage as they heal.

Issues with Night Vision and Contrast Sensitivity

In addition to sensitivity to bright lights, patients will notice a diminished quality in their night vision as one of the side effects of PRK. This typically means problems with contrast, and a general difficulty seeing certain objects in the dark. This will last for a few weeks.

In the first few days and weeks after surgery, it’s a good idea for PRK patients to avoid driving at night. Instead, getting rides from friends and family members or taking public transportation will be much safer. Thanks to advances in scanning technology, night vision problems tend to be much more tolerable these days than before.

Glare, Halos, and Starburts

Problems with glare and halos are rather common after undergoing PRK given the changes in corneal contour. The issues will tend to last for a few weeks, with glare and halos diminishing as patients become more accustomed to their new vision.

Get In Touch with the Practice for Urgent Needs

If you experience any serious issues with pain, discharges from the eye, or vision quality as you heal, be sure to get in touch with your refractive surgeon as soon as possible. This will allow potentially serious matters to be addressed as soon as possible, avoiding major post-surgical complications.

Learn More About Your Refractive Surgery Options

To learn more about refractive surgery and how it can help you have exceptional vision, it’s of the utmost importance that you contact our advanced laser eye center today. The team at Maida Custom Vision will help you understand all phases of treatment and recovery so you have realistic expectations about laser vision correction.

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