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LASIK Can Alleviate Eye Allergies

LASIK Can Alleviate Eye Allergies

. The treatment has significant benefits, including enhanced vision and a reduced dependence on glasses and contacts. However, the treatment offers an additional benefit of which you may be unaware. If you are a contact lens wearer and you suffer from eye allergies, LASIK may be a great option for you. The quick, minimal-discomfort procedure can clear blurred vision, reduce your need for uncomfortable contacts, and improve your quality of life. In a few cases, severe allergies may limit your ability to undergo LASIK. Although this is rare, Dr. Maida will still conduct a thorough evaluation to determine whether you are a candidate for treatment. To learn more about LASIK and eye allergies, contact our Jacksonville practice today.

What Is LASIK?

LASIK is a safe, proven procedure that literally takes minutes to complete. Dr. Maida will first calibrate the IntraLase® laser to the exact measurements of your eye. Using this tool, he will create a flap in your cornea. He will lift up the flap and reshape the underlying layers of your cornea with the Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q excimer laser. During this process, he will remove tiny amounts of tissue so that light will focus in the center of your retina, and your brain will register a sharp image. When he is finished, Dr. Maida will lay the flap back down. The tissues will heal within a few days.

What Causes Eye Allergies?

Eye allergies are a very common concern, affecting millions of Americans each year. There are a number of allergens that can trigger eye allergies. Common irritants include:

  • Pollen
  • Dust mites
  • Pet dander
  • Mold

When these substances come in contact with your eyes, your body responds by producing histamines. Although this production is a natural reaction by your immune system, it will result in itchy, red, burning, dry, and/or watery eyes.

The LASIK-Allergy Connection

Eye allergies are uncomfortable for everyone. However, if you wear contact lenses, they can be even more irksome. In fact, like many allergy suffers, you may not be able to wear your contacts for the duration of allergy season. LASIK has a proven high success rate. Most patients no longer rely as much on glasses or contacts. A large number no longer need corrective lenses at all. Therefore, LASIK can have a tremendous impact on your quality of life. As an allergy sufferer, you may not have to worry about having irritants trapped under your contacts. You also may not have to spend several months of the year wearing glasses. Instead, you could enjoy 20/20 vision or better without corrective lenses. Best of all, you will enjoy these benefits all year long.

Are You a LASIK Candidate?

In most cases, allergies will not limit your ability to undergo LASIK. However, if you have particularly serious allergies, the surgery can exacerbate your symptoms. Dr. Maida will examine your eyes and take your medical history to determine whether laser eye surgery is right for you. In addition, he will consider your corneal thickness, the shape of your eyes, and the stability of your vision. With a thorough knowledge of your eye health, he can make an accurate treatment recommendation.

Find Out If LASIK Can Alleviate Your Allergies

To learn more about LASIK and to find out if it is right for you, contact Maida Custom Vision today.

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