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One of the cornerstones of Maida Custom Vision is our exemplary devotion to learning about and utilizing the latest vision technology. Our doctor’s commitment to continuing education and our goal to offer state-of-the-art eye care has placed us at the forefront of technology and given us the reputation of being some of the premier ophthalmologists in the United States. By offering the superior vision technology such as the EX500 excimer laser, we help patients throughout Jacksonville, Florida see things clearer than they ever thought possible.

The key to improving vision lies in safe, precise treatment techniques. If you are interested in learning more about the technology and procedures offered at Maida Custom Vision, please contact our practice today.

Laser Vision Correction Technology

At Maida CustomVision, we dedicate our entire practice to refractive eye surgery, offering cutting-edge treatment techniques and using the latest technology for improving vision. When performed by an experienced eye surgeon, laser vision correction is a safe, effective procedure, helping over 94 percent of patients achieve 20/40 or better vision. Refractive eye procedures can be used to treat a variety of vision problems, such as hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), and presbyopia, through the reshaping of the cornea.

Below are just a few of the advanced procedures and technologies employed at Maida CustomVision:

EX500 Excimer Laser: At Maida CustomVision, we utilizes the EX500 Excimer laser, one of the fastest and most precise lasers used in vision correction. When coupled with IntraLase®, a blade-free method of accessing the underlying corneal tissue, the EX500 laser helps patients achieve crisp, clear vision.

IntraLase®: IntraLase® allows our doctors to perform the first stage of LASIK, the creation of the corneal flap, without having to use a traditional microkeratome. While the microkeratome uses an oscillating blade to make incisions in the cornea, the IntraLase® uses highly precise laser energy. By eliminating the need for a blade, this procedure greatly reduces the risk of flap complications. This vision technology allows patients to enjoy the benefits of a safer, more precise variation on traditional LASIK.

Wavefront LASIK: With Wavefront technology, our doctors are able to create a custom treatment plan for patients who are undergoing laser vision correction. In mapping out the eye, this tool is able to detect minute, higher-order aberrations; it uses this map to guide the laser throughout the entire corrective procedure. By further individualizing treatment, Wavefront reduces the risk of post-surgery complications and increases the prospects for dramatic vision improvement.

Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK): PRK is similar to traditional LASIK eye surgery in that it uses a precise laser to correct a patient’s vision problems. This technology, however, eliminates the need to create a flap in the cornea; instead, the thin, protective top layer of corneal cells is removed. The laser is then applied directly to the cornea, altering its shape and addressing any visual errors. Although full results take longer to develop with PRK than LASIK, the procedure is a quicker, equally-safe treatment option.

Improving Vision with Advanced Lenses

For some patients, developing better vision is possible without the use of laser technology. In these cases, our doctors offer the latest in implantable and intraocular lenses. These alternatives to refractive eye surgery can be used to respond to a number of vision abnormalities, including cataracts and age-related vision deterioration.

PCIOL: Also known as posterior chamber intraocular lenses, PCIOLs are a common treatment for patients who suffer from cataracts. These lenses act to replace the natural lens of the eye after it has been removed, allowing for superior vision. At Maida CustomVision, we offer these multifocal intraocular lenses which enable patients to see objects both up close and at a distance without the assistance of other visual aids.

Implantable Contact Lenses: Implantable contact lenses are an excellent alternative for patients who need visual aid, but are irritated by the maintenance and use of traditional contact lenses. Implantable contact lenses are permanently placed into the eye to improve vision and are an option for patients who are not ideal candidates for laser vision correction. In addition to their convenience, implantable contact lenses offer drastic vision improvements without significant risk.

Learn More about Vision-improving Technology

At Maida Custom Vision, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the most up-to-date treatment options. By utilizing the latest technology, we are able to deliver superior results to thousands of patients, opening their eyes to the world around them. To learn more about the vision technology that we offer at our Jacksonville, Florida practice, contact us today.

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