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How much will you save by having LASIK performed?

One of the most frequent reasons we hear from patients that are putting off getting a LASIK procedure performed has to do with the cost. Despite offering up to 18 months financing with no interest, patients are understandably concerned about the fees associate with the surgery. For that reason we’ve put together the following information that shows how LASIK can actually save money vs. the seemingly never-ending expenses that come with contacts and glasses.

A recent study found that Americans spend nearly $30 billion every year on eye products and services. On average, just the contact lens expenses average between $220-$260 per year and can be considerably more if you have astigmatism or other vision disorders.

For many patients, LASIK Surgery pays for itself

Depending on how much money you’re spending on contacts and glasses, after 10 years LASIK surgery can pay for itself and in some cases save money over a longer time period.

“The value of LASIK surgery has never been higher,” said Dr. Jerry Maida of Maida Custom Vision. “With the rising cost of eye products it’s never made more sense financially to have the procedure done and it’s actually one of the first things patients tell us when they come in.”

Think about what you’re getting, not what you’re paying

We’ve helped thousands of patients throughout Jacksonville and the First Coast get their vision back and the overwhelming majority are happiest about the non-financial benefits of having great vision. Enjoying watersports and other activities, not fumbling for glasses anymore in the morning, and never worrying about missing a special moment with their children are just some of the reasons our patients have LASIK performed.

“It’s amazing to be able to see my child’s faces in the morning without having to reach for my glasses,” said Maida Custom Vision patient Julie Klein. “I’ve worn glasses since I was in the 4th grade and my results from LASIK are absolutely amazing.”

Throw away your glasses, not your money

Stories like this really drive home the biggest benefits of having LASIK surgery. Your vision improves, you enjoy everything you love about your life even more, and over time you actually save money. Please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with Maida CustomVision to see if you’re a candidate for LASIK, and thank you for considering Maida Custom Vision.

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