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“I wanted to say THANK YOU for the absolutely amazing care you have provided me over the last 5 months.  I know I was on of those “rare cases” and each of you took such great care of me.  Words can’t describe how grateful I am to each of you. I can only tell you my life has completely changed since the PRK. As you know I am a State Trooper and my eyes are my job and now I feel as if I see the world in an entirely different light! I wish I could put into words how grateful I am to each one of you…..Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!”

Tyra standing in front of Maida Lasik Vision Center.


“Thank you so much for aiding the best decision I ever made. You and your staff were the most pleasant people to come around. It helped add the most comfort in a stressful situation…”


Susan Martin, Vice President & Ann Pertierra, Bookkeeper

“We’re able to do all the outside activities we love, from swimming to water-skiing without having to worry about glasses or contacts. LASIK with Dr. Maida has given us great vision from the moment we wake until we go to sleep!”


“The surgery was absolutely fantastic! Painless, best thing I ever did for myself. And all the personal attention I received from the staff was second to none. Dr. Chokshi has assembled a FIRST CLASS team!”


I can see! It’s wonderful. Everyone I met at Dr. Chokshi’s office was so helpful, friendly, efficient and professional. They have the best equipment and truly care for their patients. I am recommending this for all my co-workers, friends and anyone who wants to change their vision and lives for the better. Don’t be like me and wait 35+ years. It is well worth it!!

Benson Trobaugh

“My experience was fantastic. Dr. Hasan and the entire team explained everything to me at every step. I was comfortable, and I have never been able to see as well as I can now in my left eye! I want to get the right eye done as soon as possible.”

Joan Kennedy

“I feel the operation went extremely well. This whole experience deserves an A+. I think Dr. Hasan is excellent!”

Dr. Maida

“I have had LASIK myself and I am so comfortable with the laser, procedure and the technique, that I treated my daughter, sister and closest friends and neighbors.”


“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! I am more grateful for you than you can ever know…”


James W. Trimble M.D.

I cannot believe the excellent result Dr. Maida was able to achieve. I truly never believed that I would have such clear near and distance vision. It has made a remarkable difference in my work and sports. I have returned to one of my greatest loves, white water kayaking, without glasses or contacts. I owe that success to Dr. Maida’s many years of LASIK experience and cutting edge IntraLase® technology. Thank you all.

Vincent(6), Dylan(5), and Lucas(1)

“Dr. Maida. Thank you for fixing my mommy’s eyes.”

Kirby Kids

Robert Bentley
Securities Collateral Analyst
Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation

“It’s amazing since I’ve had my LASIK from Dr. Maida, I’m able to track the ball on the golf course from the moment I hit it to the moment it drops…hopefully near the hole!”

Sandra Schaefer

“Dr. Maida has made my passion for riding my Harley fun and safe again! Thanks, Maida CustomVision for making it possible for me to ride to live and live to ride!”


Dr. Chokshi and the whole staff were very professional in every step of the way during my visits, procedure and follow up. I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of LASIK to visit Florida Eye Specialists! Thank you.

Beatrice Johnson

“Surgeon Dr. Hasan is competent, caring and patient. The staff members likewise reflect these traits. Appointments are scheduled to avoid long waiting time; I would instantly recommend this physician and his staff.”

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