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Lower vs. Higher Order Aberrations: How Custom LASIK Works

Lower vs. Higher Order Aberrations: How Custom LASIK Works

When patients come to Maida Custom Vision, they know that they are getting great info on eye care procedures that can help them. This emphasis on patient education is what makes our vision correction center one of the leading eye care practices in the Jacksonville area.

Many patients ask us about the effectiveness of LASIK eye surgery and what it can do. Let’s examine this issue in more detail, with a focus on how LASIK addresses lower order aberrations and higher order aberrations.

About Lower Order Aberrations

Lower order aberrations are better known as refractive errors. These are the types of vision issues that are caused by corneal imperfections that alter the passage of light through the eyes. This means that light is unable to properly focus on the retinas, which is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eyes.

You may know refractive errors better by the following names:

  • Myopia (Nearsightedness) – This is when objects that are nearby are easier to see than objects at a distance. In such cases, light is focused in front of the retinas.
  • Hyperopia (Farsightedness) – This is when objects at a distance are easier to see than objects nearby. In such cases, light is focused behind the retinas.
  • Astigmatism – This refers to general issues with blurry or unclear vision, which often accompanies myopia and hyperopia. In this case, light is often focused in multiple points on the retina rather than just one.

About Higher Order Aberrations

Higher order aberrations refer to minute imperfections of the cornea that result in finer types of vision issues. These kinds of vision problems include poor night vision, glare, halos, starbursts, and poor contrast sensitivity.

It’s not uncommon for people to suffer from a combination of lower order aberrations and higher order aberrations.

Vision Correction with Traditional LASIK Surgery

Traditional LASIK surgery was able to treat lower order aberrations rather easily, which satisfied patients a great deal. However, the surgery was not able to treat higher order aberrations, at least not with a high degree of success.

Vision Correction with Custom LASIK Surgery

Custom LASIK surgery is a new step forward in eye care. Thanks to advances in techniques and technology, custom LASIK surgery is able to treat both lower order aberrations and higher order aberrations. This means better overall quality of LASIK surgery.

Wavefront Mapping: The Custom LASIK Difference

The difference in custom LASIK is wavefront digital mapping. This special scanning technology created a detailed three-dimensional map of the patient’s cornea. Even very miniscule issues with corneal shape can be detected and treated, which means excellent overall results and the most accurate form of laser eye surgery possible today. Patient vision and overall satisfaction is much higher now than ever before.

Is Custom LASIK Right for Me?

LASIK is a great option for many people with poor vision, eliminating the need for glasses and contacts. While not for everyone, it may be ideal for you. We can discuss the pros, cons, and alternatives to LASIK in greater detail during a consultation at our practice.

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For more information about LASIK surgery and how it can help you have better vision, it’s important that you contact our laser eye surgery center today. The entire team at Maida Custom Vision looks forward to your visit and helping you achieve the best eyesight possible.

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