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At Maida Custom Vision, we understand just how precious vision is, and we do everything in our power to preserve our patients’ sight. Through the use of advanced technology and eye care treatments, we are able to combat common vision problems, including those associated with aging. We want our patients to know that growing older doesn’t have to affect their ability to take in the world around them. Drs. Maida, Chokshi, and Hasan prides themselves on providing superior eye care to all of their Jacksonville, Florida patients.

If you are concerned about your vision deteriorating as you age, and are interested in learning more about the treatments available, contact Maida Custom Vision today.

Advanced Eye Care at Any Age

Caring for your vision is a lifetime commitment, one that requires consistent, precise treatment. At Maida Custom Vision in Jacksonville, Florida, we are just as committed to your eye care as you are. Our team of experienced eye surgeons have performed more than 24,000 successful procedures, and are able to provide for the vision needs of patients, including those who suffer from age-related vision problems. At Madia CustomVision, we offer several eye care procedures, including monovision LASIK surgery and intraocular lenses, to help patients of all ages preserve their vision.

Intraocular Lenses

For patients who suffer from cataracts, the loss of vision can be debilitating and frustrating, as the ability to see is severely compromised. Intraocular lenses work to replace the natural lens of the eye, which is removed during cataract surgery. These lenses are permanently implanted into the eye, improving vision while simultaneously reducing dependence on eyeglasses or contacts. Insertion of intraocular lenses is a safe, commonly performed eye surgery. The implantation of intraocular lenses can be completed in one surgical visit, and full results should be evident within three to six weeks. In addition to offering traditional IOLs, Drs. Maida, Chokshi, and Hasan offer advanced options such as PCIOLs (posterior chamber intraocular lenses). PCIOLs are revolutionary in that they are multifocal, or accommodative, allowing patients to see clearly at varying distances without the use of glasses or contacts. PCIOLs are a welcome alternative to their earlier, monofocal counterparts.

Monovision LASIK

In addition to offering intraocular lenses, Drs. Maida, Chokshi, and Hasan offer monovision LASIK surgery to patients of his Jacksonville, Florida practice. Monovision LASIK is used to treat presbyopia, a condition that causes a hardening of the eye’s natural lens. Typically affecting patients over 40, presbyopia reduces the ability to see objects at near distances. Monovision LASIK specifically targets this condition by repairing one eye for distance vision, and the other for near vision, therefore eliminating the need for glasses or contacts. Drs. Maida, Chokshi, and Hasan perform monovision LASIK surgery using advanced technology such as the Eye-Q Excimer Laser and IntraLase®, adjusting each eye’s cornea to focus light efficiently.

Learn More about Age-Related Eye Care

At Maida Custom Vision, we want our patients to know that clear vision is possible at any age. Our entire team of eye care specialists is committed to providing the latest procedures and technology that can respond to a variety of vision problems. To learn more about the advanced eye care we offer, contact our Jacksonville, Florida practice today.

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