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Monovision LASIK: How It Works

Monovision LASIK: How It Works

The team at Maida CustomVision is committed to helping people throughout the greater Jacksonville area see the world a little better. We offer the latest eye care treatments, including custom LASIK surgery, which reshapes the cornea to enhance vision.

Many people experience worse vision as part of the natural aging process. This is often the result of a condition known as presbyopia. Let’s discuss presbyopia and how LASIK surgery can be adapted to address this common problem.

About Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a type of age-related farsightedness (hyperopia) that occurs starting in middle age. It’s the result of the hardening of the natural lens of the eye. This loss of flexibility makes it more difficult to see objects that are nearby.

People in their 40s may star noticing early signs of the condition, which generally involve changes in vision quality and greater difficulties when trying to read small print.

What Is Monovision LASIK?

Monovision LASIK is one potential treatment option for presbyopia. Rather than treating one eye as a traditional LASIK procedure, monovision LASIK will only target one eye. By correcting just the single eye near vision, patients will be able to experience restored vision.

How Monovision LASIK Works

During monovision LASIK, the patient’s dominant eye is corrected for distance vision while their non-dominant eye is left nearsighted. The dominant eye is the eye that you favor in terms of overall vision, and is similar to being right- or left-handed. Roughly two-thirds of the population is right-eye dominant.

Ideal Candidates for Monovision LASIK

The ideal candidates for monovision LASIK are people who would like to experience restored vision without the dependence on corrective lenses. They should be in good overall health with corneas of regular thickness.

To determine if a patient will tolerate the monovision correction well, they will be given a contact lens that simulated the correction in one eye. If the patient is uncomfortable with the monovision simulation, alternatives to monovision can be considered.

How Effective Is Monovision LASIK?

Monovision LASIK is generally quite effective for patients who experience presbyopia. They enjoy the reduced dependence on corrective lenses and experience high levels of overall satisfaction.

Alternatives to Monovision LASIK

If a patient is not a good candidate for monovision LASIK or any sort of monovision laser correction, there are other treatments to consider. This includes the use of artificial replacement lenses known as intraocular lenses (IOLs). IOLs are used to replace the natural lens of the eye. When surgical treatments are not a good option for the patient in general, the ideal approach is to prescribe bifocals or to recommend two sets of glasses (one for near vision, the other for distance needs).

When you come to the practice for a consultation, you will be able to learn more about all of your treatment options and which might be most ideal for you.

Learn More About Monovision LASIK

To learn more about monovision LASIK and how it can help you see clearly again, be sure to contact our advanced eye care and vision center today. The team at Maida CustomVision is here to help you experience enhanced vision, using the safest and most effective treatments available.

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