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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes. This condition causes itchy, red, teary, and irritated eyes. The aging process, dry or windy climates, contact lenses, and certain medications and medical problems may cause dry eyes. Whatever the cause, ongoing dry eyes can impact your daily life. The constant rubbing of your eyes can increase the risk of eye infection and premature wrinkling, and prolonged eye irritation can make it difficult to focus on tasks. At Maida Custom Vision, Dr. Jerry Maida offers a number of effective treatments for dry eyes. To find out which dry eye treatment is right for you, contact our Jacksonville, FL practice today.

Artificial Tears

Artificial tears can provide relief for patients that suffer from dry eyes. Water-based products offer temporary relief of dry eye. For longer lasting results, patients may use thicker eye drops. For those with sensitive eyes, preservative-free drops can be soothing and are less likely to irritate the eyes. We can also prescribe eye drops, such as Restasis®, which is used twice a day to treat dry eye.

Punctal Plugs

When artificial tears do not provide the relief you need from dry eyes, punctual plugs may be recommended. Dr. Maida can place temporary dissolvable collagen plugs or permanent silicone plugs into the tear ducts to prevent tear drainage. This treatment approach improves surface moisture and the tear film, helping the eyes to remain lubricated.

Initially, Dr. Maida typically recommends the use of the temporary dissolvable collagen plugs to patients. If this treatment provides relief, a permanent silicone plug can be considered.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes can reduce your dry symptoms. Before trying punctual plugs, we recommend that patients make some lifestyle changes to see if this more conservative treatment approach can provide dry eye relief.

  • Drink more water: Drink eight to ten glasses of water each day to keep your body hydrated.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke: Cigarette smoke can dry out the eyes. Stop smoking or ask your partner to smoke outside of the home to reduce dry eye.
  • Avoid prolonged computer or TV use: You may forget to blink when staring at the TV or computer for prolonged periods of time. Take frequent breaks to avoid drying out the eyes.
  • Use a humidifier: If you live in a dry climate, use a humidifier to add moisture to the air in your home.
  • Reduce exposure to air conditioning: If possible, try to reduce your exposure to air conditioning, which can dry out the eyes.
  • Stay indoors on windy days: Exposure to windy conditions can lead to dry eye. Try to stay indoors on windy days.
  • Talk to your primary care physician: Certain medications and medical conditions contribute to dry eyes. If you have dry eyes, talk to your primary care physician to see if an alternative treatment or prescription will reduce your dry eyes.

Do You Have Eye Allergies?

Eye allergies produce similar symptoms to dry eyes. Talk to your doctor, or try allergy medication or eye drops to see if these treatments provide any relief.

To undergo treatment for dry eyes, contact Maida Custom Vision today.

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