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The Causes of Dry Eye and How It Can Be Addressed

The Causes of Dry Eye and How It Can Be Addressed

The team at Maida Custom Vision offers people in the greater Jacksonville area exceptional vision care treatment, with a focus on total wellness and lasting health. We can enhance vision using laser surgery and advanced technology, and can even provide relief and prevention tips for people with dry eyes.

One of the best ways to treat dry eye is to understand its underlying causes. With that in mind, let’s look over the basics of dry eye syndrome right now.

About Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye is a condition in which the eye does not have sufficient moisture present to keep the eye lubricated. It’s common for people to suffer periodic cases of dry eye every now and then, though some people suffer from chronic cases of dry eye that can be very uncomfortable and debilitating.

Common Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

The most common signs and symptoms of dry eye are itchiness, irritation, and redness of the eyes. Overall vision quality can be negatively affected by dry eye as well. Stringy mucus can form around your eyes as well.

Dry Eye and Advanced Age

Around the age of 65, a person’s tear production slows down as a natural part of the aging process. In such cases, dry eye attacks are more likely when you are older.

Dry Eye and Tear Composition

The tear consists of three components: oil, water, and mucus. An imbalance in tear composition can result in tears that evaporate sooner than they should, which means dry eye is much more likely.

Dry Eye and Tear Duct Damage

Eye injuries and radiation can both affect the health of the tear ducts, which could mean decreased tear production as a result.

Dry Eye Caused by Environmental Factors

Smoky, windy, dusty, pollen-filled, or arid environments can all result in dry eye attacks, or at least an increased likelihood of experiencing a dry eye attack.

Dry Eye and Gender

Studies have found that women are more likely to experience dry eye than men. These instances of dry eye are typically linked to hormonal changed cased by contraceptives, pregnancy, and menopause.

Dry Eye and Medication Side Effects

A number of medications that are prescribed for depression, hypertension, and allergies will cause dry eye to occur as a side effect.

Dry Eye and Eye Surgery Side Effects

After undergoing LASIK, cataract surgery, or any other kind of eye operation, dry eye may occur as your eyes heal.

Dry Eye Caused by Medical Problems

Dry eye has been connected to a number of medical problems, including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid conditions.

Treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome

There are many treatments available for dry eye syndrome, from medications and management techniques to surgeries for the tear ducts. Basic prevention and treatment will involve the use of over-the-counter eyedrops to keep the eyes lubricated in case of dry eye attacks.

During a consultation at our practice, we will go over all of your treatment options and help you make the best choices when it comes to lasting eye health and total wellness.

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To learn more about dry eye syndrome and how it can be effectively treated, be sure to contact our team of eye care specialists today. The team at Maida Custom Vision looks forward to your visit and helping you see clearly again.

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