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LASIK Results and Success Rates

Tips for Reducing Pain following LASIK Surgery

Poor eyesight can lead to daily frustration with routine tasks, from recognizing people and signs to reading text up close. Other activities, such as driving, can become notably more dangerous by impaired vision. With the right procedure at our Jacksonville office, you can benefit from clear vision once more, without the need for corrective lenses.

LASIK eyes surgery has helped thousands of our patients achieve long-lasting results with minimal risk. In fact, LASIK boasts some of the safest and most accurate results among all elective surgeries. For additional information on the average success rates of LASIK, as well as what you can expect from your results, refer to the following information.

How Successful Is LASIK?

Of all LASIK surgeries performed worldwide, over 95 percent of patients report continued satisfaction 10 years after treatment. Over nine million of these patients have undergone treatment in the United States, wherein the available technology and techniques are among the most effective. LASIK is considered so reliable that organizations such as NASA and the U.S. military have adopted it to improve the performance of astronauts and sharpshooters, respectively. On average, the success rates of LASIK surgery are as follows:

  • More than half of patients achieve 20/20 vision or better, with some estimates as high as 85 percent. The most advanced and experienced laser eye centers may achieve even higher rates of perfect vision.
  • At least 92 percent of patients achieve 20/40 vision or better, which is enough visual acuity to drive a vehicle without the use of corrective lenses
  • Roughly 90 percent of patients achieve satisfactory vision after only one procedure, while the other 10 percent may need a secondary or touch-up procedure.

When it comes to laser vision correction, patients cannot be guaranteed to attain perfect vision indefinitely. Even with the most accurate computer-guided lasers, the eye’s cornea may not heal exactly as intended, resulting in slight differences in permanent vision. Nevertheless, a majority of patients can expect their vision to settle within a range that is effective for most everyday tasks.

How Long Does LASIK Last?

In most cases, the effects of LASIK surgery will last forever. In the event a patient’s vision does begin to fade after surgery due to a change in the cornea’s shape, a follow-up procedure can be performed to ensure that results last. Secondary procedures pose no additional risks and generally produce better results than those of the initial surgery.

Patients should also remember, however, that LASIK can only be used to treat certain vision problems. Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism can all be treated by LASIK, but problems such as presbyopia cannot benefit from laser vision correction. As a result, some patients may eventually need situational corrective lenses as they grow older.

Is LASIK Surgery Dangerous?

LASIK is actually one of the safest surgical procedures. Of all possible health complications, the most common risk to patients is that of infection, and even then the risk is lower than most surgeries – as low as .03 percent. While it is possible for the corneal flap to become infected after surgery, this risk can be greatly reduced by taking the right precautions during recovery and following your doctor’s instructions. Furthermore, our office utilizes IntraLase® technology during treatment. But using a laser instead of a physical blade, Dr. Maida can create a cleaner and more precise corneal flap.

Improving Your Results

The best way to have a successful LASIK surgery is to consult a highly experienced doctor while also ensuring your own candidacy for treatment. Before undergoing surgery, keep in mind what makes a good candidate:

  • Good overall health
  • Stable vision for at least one year prior to surgery
  • Eyes that are free of injury and disease
  • Eyes that are not chronically dry
  • Pupils that are not atypically large
  • Corneas that are not too thin
  • 18 years of age or older

Speak with Dr. Maida

For a more personal assessment of your ability to have LASIK surgery and the sort of results you can reasonably expect, schedule a consultation with Dr. Maida. We look forward to answering any of your questions and getting you started in a path to clearer vision.

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