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LASIK Pre-operative Instructions

Uses for LASIK Goggles

At his eye care center in Jacksonville, Dr. Jerry Maida carefully goes over all LASIK instructions with patients before surgery. By discussing pre-operative and post-operative instructions before surgery, Dr. Jerry Maida can ensure that patients thoroughly understand what to expect before, during, and after LASIK surgery.

Ensuring an Optimal Outcome

The best way for a patient to help ensure an optimal outcome is by following all pre-operative LASIK instructions. Pre-operative instructions may vary slightly from surgeon to surgeon. Patients are encouraged to ask questions they may have concerning any part of the LASIK treatment process.

Certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes can also affect a patient’s ability to heal after surgery. During the pre-surgical evaluation, patients should disclose any medical conditions for which they are receiving treatment.

Patients that wear rigid gas permeable contact lenses will be instructed to discontinue their use after it is determined that they are in the treatment range and have healthy eyes with adequate corneal tissue.  Surgery is not scheduled until it is determined that the cornea and refraction are stable.

Preparing for Surgery

It is recommended that patients pick up any medications or other supplies they may need prior to surgery. Patients may also find it helpful to buy snacks or meals that require little to no preparation to eat for the first couple of days after surgery.

If a patient wears contact lenses, he or she must stop wearing them prior to undergoing surgery. Typically, soft contact lenses should not be worn for at least three days prior to surgery.   In some cases a longer removal period is required.

Patients should dress comfortably on the day of surgery.  No makeup, cologne, or hairspray should be worn.  All consent forms should be reviewed and filled out as instructed.  Patients are given a pill to help them relax prior to surgery, so they should have something to eat prior to arriving for surgery.

Someone will need to drive the patient home after the procedure.  The patient should plan to rest with both eyes closed for six to eight hours after getting home.

Patients are seen the next day following their procedure.  Most patients do drive themselves, however we recommend that they have someone on standby, just in case they are not confident enough to drive.

Even though the majority of patients see well, it is recommended that patients not return to work until two days after the procedure.  It is a good idea to rest the eyes for an extra day after the procedure.

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