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LASIK Post-operative Instructions

LASIK Post-operative Instructions

When performed by an experienced ophthalmologist such as Jacksonville LASIK surgeon Jerry Maida, LASIK is one of the safest and most effective surgical procedures in any field of medicine. However, both the safety and the efficacy of the procedure depends largely on the patient’s willingness to follow the post-operative instructions given to him or her as closely as possible. Following these instructions helps to ensure a smooth healing process and optimal results.

As with any surgery, there are potential risks and complications associated with LASIK surgery. During an initial consultation at his Jacksonville LASIK practice, Dr. Maida will explain these to patients in detail, as well as how they can be minimized through the patient’s adherence to the prescribed post-operative plan.

For further information about LASIK and LASIK recovery, please contact Dr. Maida’s laser vision correction center in Jacksonville today.

After LASIK Surgery

The recovery period after LASIK is relatively short. Dr. Maida may prescribe medicated eye drops to help control any discomfort the patient may feel in the days after surgery. Although patients may experience an itching sensation, it is essential that they do not rub the eyes. To help prevent instinctive eye rubbing, patients will be given a protective eye shield to wear at night during the healing period.

In the first 24 hours after LASIK surgery, patients should avoid any activity that would strain the eyes, including reading, watching television, or using a computer. It is best simply to close the eyes and get as much sleep as possible.

During the first week after LASIK surgery, there are certain things patients can do to facilitate healing, including:

  • Not smoking (if the patient is a smoker, this would be a good opportunity to quit altogether)
  • Not wearing makeup
  • Wearing sunglasses outdoors
  • Avoiding smoke and dust
  • Taking baths rather than showers
  • Not drinking alcohol

Patients should make a point of attending all scheduled follow-up appointments so that Dr. Maida can monitor healing and make adjustments to the aftercare plan as necessary.

An Even Safer Version of LASIK

During the healing period, one of the most common sources of complications is the corneal flap that is made in order to access the underlying corneal tissue at the beginning of surgery. The risk of these complications can be dramatically reduced through the use of a laser to create the corneal flap, as opposed to the handheld microkeratome blade used in traditional LASIK surgery. At Dr. Maida’s LASIK practice in Jacksonville, IntraLase® technology enables him to perform an entirely blade-free, all-laser variation on LASIK surgery. Opting for blade-free LASIK increases the chances that the healing period will be comfortable and free from complications, as well as the chances of achieving optimal results from the procedure.

Jacksonville eye surgeon Jerry Maida has the experience, skill, and technological resources to ensure the best possible results for his LASIK patients. Patients who are willing to follow Dr. Maida’s post-operative instructions carefully, and feel that they are ready to see the world around them more clearly once again, should contact Dr. Maida’s Jacksonville laser vision correction center today to schedule an initial LASIK consultation.

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